Are you looking for a way to have an edge over your competition in this highly competitive market?

Have you ever wondered why some organizations are more successful than others? Is it their product, service, employees or maybe their pricing model?

Are your staff checking out, when they should really be checking in?

Whether you are a leader in an organization or just leading yourself to be the best you can be, do you ever find it confusing on next steps to up-level your life with all the information out there?

Do you find it a challenge to live an inspiring and fulfilling life while making a contribution to your organization, business, family and your community?

If so, then you will definitely want to connect with Sharon Worsley, The Peak Performance Architect™


Real Problems!  Real Results!

How to Wake Up, Shake Up and Show Up in Your Life and Business Or Career

  • Inspiring Speaker

    "Sharon has a unique way of moving her clients and audiences to where they need to be, before they ever realize they want to be there".
    Jack Canfield,
    Best-selling co-author of The Success Principles™, and co-creator of The Chicken Soup for the Soul® series.

    Speaking Topics:

    ‘Live by Choice, Not by Chance…How to Wake Up, Shake Up and Show Up in Life’

    (Keynote or 2-hr to 2 Day Program)
    Some people seem to settle for living a life of mediocrity, content to live with whatever seems to show up in their lives, career or business, never really willing to step out of their comfort zone to take a chance, and see if there is anything better available to them? Discover techniques and strategies to Wake Up, Shake Up and Show Up in Life.

    ‘If You Can’t Move a Mountain Today, Just Move a Pebble!’
    (Keynote or 2-hr to 1 Day Program)
    We all have 168 hours per week, no more and no less. The measure of our success is how we make use of this time. Discover how to make better choices, maximize investment of time and ensure that the highest priorities receive your attention.

    How to Build Powerful and Impactful Teams – The Easy Way.
    (Keynote or 2-hr to 1 Day Program)
    Building cohesive, fully functioning teams is the challenge of most organizations today. Typically work environments are set up to reward and support the individual however, it is imperative for organizations to build highly adaptable and supportive teams. Increase empowerment and foster loyalty while encouraging employees to take more responsibility for their results to build strong and powerful teams in an ever increasing competitive economy.

    Sharon’s Programs are:
    Her content-rich messages target key issues for groups and individuals related to real life challenges.

    Fun and interactive:
    People learn faster and better when they are surrounded by fun and interactive content.

    People will walk away feeling clearer about their direction in life and the questions they want to answer for themselves.

    Sharon lives her message and believes that it is important to lead by example.

    Next steps:
    Audiences will leave Sharon’s presentations with clear next steps.

    Each presentation is tailored to meet the needs of the audience, because they are all unique.

  • Peak Performance Architect™

    As your personal leadership coach, Sharon will inspire and support you to expand your life, career and/or business by exploring new ground and enhancing your effectiveness.

    This is a partnership to ensure you’re on the right path to achieving your goals faster, as you up-level your personal leadership skills.

    Together you make the difficult easier, the elusive attainable, and the unreachable within your grasp!

    Sharon has expertise in the following areas:

    √ Professional and personal effectiveness
    Leadership skills
    √ Life design and effective goal setting
    √ Shifting beliefs
    √ Identifying and clarifying values
    √ Successful networking & relationship building
    √ Focus management
    √ Sales management and techniques
    √ Clutter management

    What type of clients does Sharon work with?

    ~ Senior leaders within corporations wanting to really lead people, instead of just being ‘a leader’.

    ~ Network marketers not content to just see what shows up, but wanting to play big in their company.

    ~ Small business owners willing to explore new ways to push their self-imposed boundaries.

    ~ Sales professionals no longer satisfied with just getting by, but willing to get uncomfortable for amazing results.

    ~ Individuals wanting to ‘up-level’ their life and willing get out of their own way to do so.

    Options to work exclusively with Sharon:

    Diamond Coaching Program:

    When you are serious about making changes in your life and business, then this is the program that you want, because it will give you the support you require to take MASSIVE action.

    Platinum Coaching Program:
    This is the level for you if you are determined to do what it takes NOW to ‘up level’ your life and your career/business. You want to dedicate the time and investment necessary to get you from where you are to where you want to go.

    Gold Coaching Program:
    Even if you are not exactly sure of the direction you want to go in, but just know that you want to make changes, this is the ideal level for you to’ get your feet wet’. You will identify practical strategies to position you to achieve your goals in life and your career/business. 

    Group Coaching: Group coaching sessions may be arranged should you be interested in coaching that focuses on a particular goal or issue shared by two or more individuals.


  • Author

    ‘Live by Choice, Not by Chance…How to Wake Up, Shake Up and Show Up in Life’

                                   Coming Soon!

    “This is a fast-moving, enjoyable and insightful book, full of practical ideas you can use immediately to get the most out of yourself and others.”
     ~Brian Tracy, President of Brian Tracy                                                                           International

     “I loved reading Sharon’s book on leadership. Not only is it filled with useful content, but it’s written in such a way that she gives us real life examples that we can relate to in our own lives and in our own way of leading. She has taken her experiences, observations, and deep thoughts and turned them into wisdom we can all learn and grow from. I have read many leadership books and I can tell you that I will often refer back to the words Sharon has written, the thoughts she has taken great time to explain, and the concepts she has challenged all of us to think about as we travel through our own leadership journey. This is definite reading for all emerging leaders and a great thought-provoker for those who are currently in leadership positions.”
     ~Kevin Eastman, Vice President for Basketball Operations, Los Angeles Clippers

    Excerpt from the book...

    If we want to improve our circumstances, then there are certain ingredients that have to come together to make that happen. There is no magic recipe, no magic pill that one can take, just a belief in finding the answers to two important questions -is change worth it to me, and is it possible for me to change? - and then taking specific action to make those changes happen!
                    There are three separate subsections in this book, each taking you through the necessary phases to achieve the Wake Up, Shake Up, and Show Up philosophy:
                     The Wake Up phase is intended to wake you up to what currently exists in your life and your personal leadership style and to help you fully comprehend your starting point. It is my belief that before you can start to make any changes in your life, your leadership, or your organization, you have to know what is truly working and what you might be missing, or more importantly, ignoring.
                    Once you have that uncovered, you can then start to Shake Up the status quo, to explore what is available to you before moving into the Show Up phase, which enables you to become aware of how you show up in the world, whether as an individual, leader, or organization.

                   My purpose in writing this book is to engage you, the reader, in a conversation with yourself. And if you are responsible for people you work with, then to engage you in a conversation with your team and your organization in how to up-level your personal leadership to it’s highest level so that you will not only find more success in your own life, leadership, and organization, but also effect change in the lives of others with whom you interact.


"You Have To Be A Leader In Your Own Life,
Before You Can Ever Lead Other People."

~ Sharon Worsley


Leading Authority on Personal Leadership

Sharon has had the opportunity to share her message with a variety of different audiences from around the world, who have embraced these insights and enthusiastically applied it to their life, leadership and organizations.


Don't Take Our Word For It...Check This Out!

Who is Sharon Worsley…

Sharon supports, motivates and inspires individuals and organizations to produce exceptional results in their own lives and within their organizations through her unique perspective on life, and how she experiences the world around her.

As a professional inspirational speaker and The Peak Performance Architect™, Sharon challenges her audiences, coaching and consulting clients to do what it takes to attain their goals and live their life on purpose.

The impact is that people make important changes, and accomplish goals that they never imagined they could achieve. Sharon has always been interested in why people behave the way they do, and even what people are not prepared to do to change their circumstances, so as to change the results they are getting. 

What People Are Saying About Sharon

“It is Sharon’s zeal for her subject matter that makes her most appealing, that when coupled with her tremendous dedication to being prepared, and an overall lightness to the treatment of her topics that keeps people smiling, make her a perfect fit for a diverse object.”


David Jewell, Regional Vice President, HelmsBriscoe
"As a new business owner, at times it is easy to lose sight of my overall vision – especially when I’m caught up in the day-to-day operations. After years of being managed by someone else, I found myself accountable to no-one but myself and, at times, it is easier to procrastinate then do the tasks that I really don’t want to do. At each session with you, I knew that you would ask me why I wasn’t actively working towards goals we discussed together."

Catherine Paull, Owner at Catherine Paull Meeting Management
“Sharon has been my life/career coach for more than 3 years. In that time I have tripled my income, achieved balance in my life, am much happier and have established a clear goal about what I want my life and future to look like. Sharon has played a very large part in all of that growth. I don’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants to “Live with Intent”. If you are looking for a coach who will keep you accountable to yourself and help you with creative exercises to set and achieve your personal goals, then Sharon is the obvious choice.”

Michael Lutzmann, Owner, Street Smart Seminars Inc.
"What Sharon teaches will help you get out of your own way and the results you get will be amazing! I met Sharon when I was $20,000 in debt and since working with her I’ve built a wonderful business that has gone on to make a million dollars in sales! You couldn’t be in better hands!"

Tom Jandula -  Online Information Publisher

Make The Difficult Easier, The Ellusive Attainable And The Unreachable Within Your Grasp!

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