Live By Choice, Not By Chance™

We all have 168 hours per week; the difference in the quality of our life is how we choose to spend this time.

Some people go through life thinking that the only choices they have are “Will I watch The Bachelor or Fear Factor tonight” or “Will I wear my green shirt or blue shirt to work tomorrow”. This may sound over simplistic but in reality people sit back and watch their life go by right in front of them without taking an active role.

Are you steering away from making important choices in your life? Are you using excuses like: not enough money, my boss hates me, my spouse doesn’t understand or anyone of a hundred excuses that can paralyze you from living the life you only dream about?

In this insightful keynote or concurrent session you will explore:

The starting point for living a better and more fulfilling life is discovering that we do have choices about

  • What are the most important choices we have control over
  • Attitude – why it is perhaps the most important choice you will ever make
  • Remove the roadblocks in front of you
  • Discover how our habits can impact making good choices.

Whatever someone believes to be true becomes his or her reality.
Make sure that you grow through your life by living life with intent,
And not leaving anything to chance.

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